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The use of Argument Mapping in the Development of Critical Thinking Skills

Improving Learning Strategies in Education

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Dr. C.J. Leacock

Author Information:

Shenelle Boyce
MPhil Candidate -- Psychology Dept. Behavioural Sciences, University of the West Indies

Presentation Information:

Presentation #: 6
Date: 3rd June, 2015
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: KARISSA (Room 3)


The purpose of this research is to assess the use of computer assisted argument mapping in the development of critical thinking skills among tertiary level students. The study will comprise of a pre and post-test design to examine the relation between argument mapping and critical thinking, mediated by the variable factor, individual motivation to think critically through a self-regulation framework. Additionally, the study will employ the a control group, which will allow for group differences to be measured to better understand how the use of argument mapping may affect critical thinking. The study also seeks to explore whether training in the use of argument mapping in one domain will transfer skill use across another. Comparisons will be made between baseline (pre-test) and post-test measures of critical thinking, individual motivation, and the transferability of potentially learned skills. The results of the study will then be utilised to better understand the implications for pedagogical practice, and how such technologies may be integrated within the current system of tertiary level education.