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The Disadvantaged Dreamers

Inclusive Education as Transformation

Discussant Information

Prof. Dennis Conrad
Department of Inclusive and Special Education State University of New York Potsdam, NY

Author Information:

Jamelia Harris
University of California, Santa Barbara

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Presentation #: 2
Date: 1st June, 2015
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: KHAIROON EAST (Room 1)


Research on educational equity demonstrates that the demographics in higher education reflect complex inequalities. The data repeatedly indicates that K-12 has forsaken African-American students. Educational-attainment has been an essential component of the ?American Dream? yet this has remained elusive for disadvantaged dreamers. While studies have rightly focused on the systems that perpetuate disenfranchisement, it is also important to investigate programs that work to reduce the racial gap in educational-attainment. This study examines the restorative response to inequality by UCSB?s Black Student Union, focusing on their outreach program for Black high school students. Participants completed a survey and an item-analysis was conducted to assess the program?s perceived benefits and limitations. This study also evaluated free-responses using a content-analysis method. I hypothesized that the program positively influences the educational aspirations of participants, and that with increased university support, BSU will be better equipped to make this dream a reality for the participants.