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Retaining Teachers of Color: In-Service Black Female Teachers? Perspective on Teacher Preparation Programs

Transforming Teacher Education at all Levels

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Mrs. Barbara Parris

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Abiola Farinde, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

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Presentation #: 8
Date: 1st June, 2015
Time: 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm
Location: KHAIROON EAST (Room 1)


The purpose of this exploratory qualitative study is to examine the teacher preparation experiences of twelve Black female in-service teachers. This study seeks insight about the pre-service experiences of in-service Black female teachers that influence their roles as classroom teachers and their intention to remain in the classroom. Serving as a platform for their voices, this research informs and augments the current literature on Black female educators as well as diversifies the knowledge base on teacher education programs and teacher retention. Moreover, in providing a vehicle for the dissemination of Black female teachers? authentic, self-defined, lived experiences in their teacher education programs, their stories become a point of reference. Positioning in-service Black female teachers? experiences at the center of analysis is significant considering the teaching force is predominately White. Black women?s voices, often inaudible in a largely homogenous teaching profession, dismantle the pervasive White, Eurocentric viewpoint that is given universal status (Collins, 2000). Rather than the dominant or majority group?s experiences speaking for all groups, in this study a subgroup (Black women) is given the opportunity to convey their distinct reality as pre-service teachers. Through their experiences, narratives, words and ideas, an alternative ?truth? is acknowledged and validated.?